Nautic Waterjet Fabrications Inc

     At NAUTIC WATERJET Fabrications, we specialize in the design and  
2 dimensional custom cutting of almost any material known to man. Our 60,000 PSI Jet Edge machining center can cut out the most intricate parts with small tolerances (up to 0.005/inch) or cut out patterns in entire sheets.

   Specially made brackets and flanges, prototypes, stencils, lettering, structural pieces, decorations, signs, and panels are a few of the things we do, along with many other custom jobs.  
Bottom line, if it needs to get cut out, you can count on us to get it done quickly and accurately.  

Some of The Materials We Cut  
Steel / Stainless
Other Metals
Stone / Tile
Also wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and much more!