Nautic Waterjet Fabrications Inc
Here are some examples of  the odd specialty jobs we have done
Barrys Bootcamp - Miami Beach, Fl.
Custom Camaro Panels For Paul Jr. Designs
For this job we had the oppertunity to work with the people from Paul Jr. Designs as well as Paul Jr. himself. We waterjet cut all the aluminum panels with rivet holes as well as some other designs.
   The panels were for a custom Camaro they did which was featured on the show American Chopper. This was also an extreme rush job with us having to work overnight to get it done on their short schedule.

On this job we took 3 different materials and cut them so that when they where installed on the wall they created a camoflauge pattern. The 3 materials where slate, glass, and  volcanic rock.
    This was a rush job. We had everything done in 2  weeks from when we put the quote out. Everything was boxed and mapped out to make installation easier.